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June 27 2023

Environmental Policy.

AI-powered analytics platform brings innovative value proposition to AWS media and entertainment customer base


Humans Not Robots Ltd is committed to helping deliver an environmentally sustainable media production, distribution, and broadcast industry.

We seek to better understand and manage our impact, implementing initiatives to act on our opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

Humans Not Robots Ltd is a remote-first employer with zero physical footprint, employees distributed across Western Europe and customers distributed across Western Europe and North America.

Our impacts

Humans Not Robots Ltd provides a SaaS tool to the media and broadcast industry that is cloud native and is not hosted in traditional physical data centres. We provides no physical products or services. Our primary footprint is travel cost to customers.

Our potential to make a difference

Whilst Humans Not Robots Ltd footprint is light, our product provides observability data to support our customers understanding and ability to address sustainability concerns across the media supply chain.

Our actions

Working with our employees we will ensure,

  • We procure green energy from a company exclusively selling 100% renewable energy
  • Un-necessary travel is eliminated (i.e. internal meetings)
  • Prefer use of remote communication tools (i.e. Slack, Zoom, Notion, etc.)
  • Where travel is necessary, we will roll-up travel to ensure one or two day trips are eliminated and use the most carbon friendly mode of transport,
  • Train rather than car or plane for domestic travel
  • Economy travel only for international travel
  • Use newer aeroplanes and direct flights
  • Utilise green certified accommodation
  • We will offset the unavoidable elements of our carbon footprint (i.e. travel)
  • We will put sustainability questions to our suppliers to ensure we are able to make sustainability-prioritised choices (e.g. AWS)
  • Support our staff in making informed choices in their private lives (i.e. green salary sacrifice schemes)

Humans Not Robots Ltd executive team (the below) will be directly responsible for ensuring the above actions are monitored, progressed and updated.

Headshot of Kristan Bullett

Kristan Bullett

CEO / York, UK

Headshot of Kris Brown

Kris Brown

CTO / York, UK

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