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HNR's Startup Snapshot from FEED Magazine
April 8, 2024

HNR's Startup Snapshot from FEED Magazine

This article was first published in FEED Magazine's 2024 Spring Edition

‍What is the company’s origin story?‍

A couple of years ago, CEO Kristan Bullett and CTO Kris Brown sat at McCarran airport on the way back from a particularly busy NAB Show, discussing customer challenges and all the highs and lows you talk about when you’ve just survived a long trade show in the desert. As part of that conversation, they reflected on the unnecessary excess within the media industry, and how companies seemed comfortable building and spending money on complex overlapping systems rife with duplication. Soon after returning from the show, they began asking industry peers about this concern, finding an astonishing lack of visibility and operational cost controls. Nobody – from technology suppliers to service providers and buyers – knew how to tackle this problem.

A glass of wine with the CTO of a major UK broadcaster steered themtowards aligning these issues around over-provisioning and spend with sustainability challenges. Quickly building and testing a proof of concept(POC), they confirmed that the industry had a serious problem which they had the means to address. Thus, Humans Not Robots (HNR) was born.

What is it working on right now?
HNR just announced the availability of HNR Discover, a new module withinits AI-driven workflow analytics platform HNR to Zero. It enables customers to understand and report on the impact of their technology footprint on the environment. HNR continues to enhance the functionality of the platform thanks to HNR Deliver, which shows companies the steps required to reduce the environmental impact of their technology and operations. Huge gains are possible here, and HNR can reduce a company’s environmental impact by 20-30%, with subsequent cost savings.‍

What is the next step?
This is a key year for HNR. It’s looking to grow its teams and continue raising awareness about its mission in helping companies reduce carbon emissions,introducing savings with minimal disruption to their business. It will continue to deploy updates to HNR Deliver, which will support companies in making demonstrable savings (to costs both financial and carbon-based), and has
a number of POCs lined up to help the industry understand that sustainable technology operations are a shared responsibility.‍

What one thing does the company need most?
HNR needs companies to share their data so it can be a decarbonisation guide. If businesses provide information regarding their technology footprint,HNR can, collectively, improve the environmental impact of M&E.

See the original article HERE.

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